Course Duration

Approx. 12 Hours



Doubt Clearing


Skill Level


About Course

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What you will get to learn

  • Introduction to HTML5
  • Image in webpage, table tag
  • Creating hyperlink, Form in HTML
  • Client side scripting, Variable, Data Types, Operator, Comment in JavaScript
  • Built-In Function, Event Handler, Feature of JavaScript

  • Definition of IT and ICT, To understand concept like data and information
  • Various concepts used under IT and Different types of Operating Systems with its features and uses

  • Concept of Database, Introduction to DBMS and RDBMS, SQL
  • Introduction to RDBMS, Relationship in Database, SQL and Categories of SQL Commands

  • Introduction to Cyber Law, Ethics and Morals
  • Cyber crime and its examples, Cyber safety and security
  • IT Act 2000 and Case studies

Gain Mastery over (11th) Information Matery & Graduate Finals with Top Grade

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