Course Duration

Approx. 34 Hours



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About Course

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What you will get to learn

  • Introduction to C++

  • Introduction to Tokens, Data types and Expression

  • Introduction to C++ Programs

  • Decision Control Structure (if statement)
  • Decision Control Structure (Switch Statement and Conditional operator)

  • Introduction to Loop Control Structure

  • Storage Class

  • Introduction to Functions
  • Recursive Function

  • Introduction to Pointer

  • Introduction to Array

  • Introduction toString
  • Array of Pointer to String

  • Introduction to Structure

  • Introduction to Object - Oriented Programming

  • Introduction to Classes and Objects

  • Introduction to Function Overloading

  • Introduction to Memory Management

  • Introduction to Constructor and Destructor

  • Introduction to Operator Overloading

  • Introduction to Inheritance

  • Personal computer environment, A computer file / what is file?, File handling in C++, Type of storage, C++ stream, Classes for File Stream Operations
  • How to Achieve File Handling, File String input and Output, Functions use in File Handling, File modes, Detecting end of File, Types of Files
  • Everything about File Handling in C++
  • Everything about File Handling in C++
  • Example of File Operation, Example of Binary File Operation, Example of Reading and Writing class object, Example of Writing Objects into the file

  • What is operating system?, Services in O.S. , Overview of O.S.- Window 98, Window NT, LINUX, Concept related to information management (Only definition)- File system, Device drivers, Terminal I/O
  • Concept related to information management (Only definition)- File system, Device drivers, Terminal I/O
  • Concept related to process management, Concept related to memory management, Basic GUI, GUI features such as windows, Task list, Drag, Resize, Minimize, maximize, Close, Access and security aspect of O.S.-(security threats, Attacks on security, Computer worms, Computer viruses

  • Introduction to data structures, data structure operation, Algorithmic notation, Control structure, Array-Representation in memory, traversing, inserting, deleting
  • Arrays-sorting, binary search in an array, pointer arrays, records in memory using array, Linked list, Representation of linked list in memory, Trees, Binary trees, representing binary tree in memory

  • Introduction to HTML and Font styles
  • Introduction of Images and Tables

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