Course Duration

Approx. 34 Hours



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What you will get to learn

  • Evolution of Microprocessor, What is Microprocessor?, Block Diagram of Generic Microprocessor, Machine cycle, Add Instruction
  • 8085 Microprocessor, Function Block Diagram of 8085

  • Addressing modes in 8085, Programming model of 8085, Study of Instruction set - Data transfer
  • Study of Instruction set - Arithmetic Group Instruction set
  • Study of Instruction set - Logical Group Instruction set
  • Study of Instruction set - Branching, Stack, I/O and machine control instruction
  • Programming of Microprocessor - Assembly Language Program

  • Introduction to advanced microprocessor, Introduction to x-86 family and study of major attributes of the x-86 family processor, Programming model of x-86 family microprocessors

  • Introduction to Microcontroller, Study of 8051 Architecture and Programming model, Overview of other microcontrollers in the 8051 family, Application of microcontroller

  • Study of Transmission media, Network topologies, Protocol, Introduction to connectivity devices
  • Fiber Optics, topologies
  • Protocols, Modem, Hubs, Repeaters, Routers

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