Course Duration

Approx. 4 Hours



Doubt Clearing


Skill Level


About Course

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What you will get to learn

  • Overview of Web Designing and Basic HTML tag
  • Introduction of Web Publishing and HTML Page Frame
  • Image Mapping
  • Attribute of Forms
  • Inserting Image and Video in webpage, Setting for Window and Cross Browser testing
  • Introduction to CSS

  • Introduction to SEO, Types of SEO, Techniques of SEO
  • SEO Keywords, Social Bookmarketing,Backlinks
  • Introduction to JavaScript, Feature of JavaScript
  • Switch case and Looping statement, Break and Continue statement

  • DOM (Document Object Model)
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Events

  • Introduction to PHP, Feature of PHP, How to execute PHP program
  • PHP Variable, Scope in PHP, PHP Data Types, Comments in PHP
  • Control Structure in PHP, PHP String Function, PHP Arrays
  • PHP Function Argument, PHP Form Handling
  • Get vs Post, Form connectivity with Database, SQL statement and its execution, Cookies and Session

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